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There is little difference between engineering and art.

The original engineers were considered artists.

Design is a tool for creating beautiful experiences that educate, provoke and accelerate innovation.


Engineering brings together an understanding of how the world works. Kids begin developing engineering skills the first time they stack blocks as infants.


Innovation is the discovery of new solutions that add value as a result of an idea, experiment, or methodology.

DEILAB programs cultivate innovation through project based learning with LEGO. The curriculum modules are classroom-tested, project based instructional sequences. DEILAB projects address STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts through LEGO design and engineering activities.

DEILAB camps, workshops and after schools programs have 3 objectives:

  • To introduce design and engineering concepts to children at an age when dreams motivate action.
  • To explore form, function and scale through exciting project based learning and testing with LEGO®.
  • To plant a seed of possibility in the mind of a child that could influence their educational path and career ambitions.

This is the DEILAB "Tower of Power". It was built during a 2 hour workshop about modular building design. Each child worked on a module. All of the modules were combined, resulting in this 18ft structure.