How After School & Summer Labs Work

DEILAB’s team delivers a tight program – participants are actively engaged and continually challenged to test, iterate and innovate on their designs. We create an environment of learning that is interactive and experiential, in a comfortable, fun, and secure environment.

My son surveys the kit.

  • Camp and workshop experiences range in duration from 1.5 hrs to 3hrs.
  • DEILAB’s curriculum is based on mechanical, artistic, architectural design and engineering projects.

  • After school programs and birthday parties are two hours long.

  • DEILAB provides all of the equipment for its classes.

  • Class size ranges from 17 to 20 students. 

  • We will need access to the room 15 to 30 minutes prior for preparation. The same amount of time is required at completion in order to return the room to its original condition.

  • We require open floor space in a multipurpose room, classroom or gym for project building.

  • We take great care of the space that we use.



  • Sign-In Free Build
  • Design Meeting
  • Engineer Protoyping
  • Qualification Testing
  • Challenge Re-engineering
  • Cleanup
  • Design Review Lessons Learned