Aron “Teo” Lee

Founder | CEO

Aron “Teo” Lee is a social innovator, serial entrepreneur & TED Talker.  Aron holds a Bachelor of Art in Psychology from Hampton University, opened his first business in 1991, and has owned six other businesses since. He has spent over two decades in sales and business development for world-class audiovisual system integrators. 

From grade-school through college Aron was an artist, athlete and DIY engineer. He studied psychology because he was fascinated by human behavior and felt a need to help people. In 2011, Aron pivoted towards the world of STEM education which felt like home.  Two years later DEILAB was born. Since then he has amassed thousands of hours teaching about design, engineering and innovation. Lee has conducted hundreds of after school programs, summer camps and professional development workshops in public and private schools, universities, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Lee has a multidisciplinary background in the arts, education, design, engineering, business development and management. His work has taken him around the country.  


Jamil Smart

Program Director | Business Manager

Jamil Smart is a former rocket scientist. Jamil served as a project safety engineer and manager across multiple programs at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Jamil received his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Tuskegee University and earned his Master of Engineering degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Maryland. Jamil has the mind of an engineer but the heart of an educator which led him to create Smart Learning Solutions in 2006, an organization devoted to insuring our children's preparedness for the STEM workforce.


Eric Dahler

Director of Corporate Development

Eric Dahler is an innovative entrepreneur and executive with 30 years of entrepreneurial, senior management and strategic business development experience. Eric focuses on developing marketing strategy and channel relationships that provide scalable revenue opportunities for DEILAB. Mr. Dahler attended Northfield Mt. Hermon School and Hobart College graduating in 1987 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science.  He is a volunteer for multiple social enterprises and nonprofits.


Adam Phillips

Legal Counsel, Curriculum Development

Adam Phillips is an author, advocate and innovator who has participated as counsel for multi-platform start-up companies in technology, education and various commodities. Adam has managed projects for Fortune 500 business verticals, has owned 3 companies and taught in high school and college. Adam transitioned into government work and has headed federal policy initiatives for energy and environmental corporations. An accomplished musician and athlete, Adam holds both a Masters in History, a Juris Doctorate, is a energy sector compliance specialist, teacher and master-trainer.

One of our missions is to change the world through the power of a person’s imagination.
— Aron Lee