“Imagination is a force that can actually manifest a reality" 

― James Cameron

The DEILAB Imagination Index (DII) is a proprietary modeling program that produces a score of the existence and usage of imagination on an individual and institutional level. The scoring model assesses the potential and current application of imagination within one's personal and professional life. The Index is designed to provide a baseline of one's imagination in use. The goal of the index is to provide the stakeholder with a score that will allow them to develop tools and strategies on how to unlock more imagination.

Imagination is a critical component for individual and institutional creative thinking and processing. It also helps with managing fear and anxiety and supports compassion and empathy. Imagination challenges boundaries, validates reality and supports innovation.

The DEILAB Imagination Index will be pivotal in supporting imagination and creativity in any context and support innovation across the globe.

The DEILAB Imagination Index will be an information resource that provides analysis and insight on creative activity in our cities, states, and countries.

The utility of the Index is to:

  • Provide users with data and information for assessing the performance and progress of the imagination economy within organizations.
  • Analyze, benchmark, and promote imagination and creative activity metrics
  • Offer a comprehensive view of several dimensions of the imagination ecosystem
  • Measure the innovation economy in order to provide timely insights into its strengths and weaknesses
  • Feature related news and statistical insights
  • Serve as a data archive for public use

If you are interested learning more about the DEILAB Imagination Index and participating in its ongoing development please contact us at www.info@deilab.com