“You can discover more about a person in an hour
of play than a year of conversation.” Plato


Social Innovation Labs | Team Building

DEILAB reconnects adults with their inner-child through creative design challenges using LEGO™ as a tool. Our labs help teams and organizations unlock the power of innovation through LEGO™ based design and engineering projects and challenges. Play motivates a kind of mental activity that energizes creative thinking. The significance of play in adults has a direct correlation to idea creation and problem solving. Creating together builds connections, increases imagination, and opens us up to what is possible. 

DEILAB's programming accelerates the metabolism of how people set expectations and see possibilities for themselves. Participating in a rapid cycle of “testing” raises confidence in how each individual engages and contributes. Our program helps people negotiate and re-negotiate relationships by empowering people to connect beneath the surface in an enjoyable environment where they learn the important role of failure, iteration, testing and concept creation. 

Creative breakthroughs happen everyday. DEILAB is focused on making the world a better place by building communities of innovation through collaboration.

DEILAB programming content is created collaboratively with clients to customize experiences that build upon organizational themes and aspirational goals.

Our programs are well organized, and provide lasting impact. DEILAB’s team delivers a tight program – participants are actively engaged and challenged to test, iterate and innovate on their designs throughout the program.

DEILAB creates an environment of learning that is interactive and experiential, in a comfortable, fun environment in which all attendees, regardless of hierarchical level, can participate equally.


Summer Experience

DEILAB’s content equips young minds with the tools to explore the fun side of science, math, design and engineering while keeping it relatable by reinforcing the roll innovation plays in the real world.  

DEILAB provides all of the equipment for its classes.

We require open floor space in a multipurpose room, classroom or gym for project building.

We take great care of the space that we use, and return it to the condition when we first arrived.

This is a challenge called Decision Collision where the participants vehicle has to be designed and engineered to drive through chaos to get to to their opponents en-zone to accumulate points. 

DEILAB’s small class size (17:1) ensures an enriching hands-on experience for each child. With an intense focus on design, engineering and innovations integrating math and science concepts.


School Experience

Creativity leads to inspiration and spurs innovation across professional disciplines. DEILAB’s hands-on project-based curriculum transforms the typical instructor-led model by utilizing inquiry-based learning. This approach cultivates independent thinking. Participants are empowered to explore concepts at greater depths.

Art helps people learn how to analyze and interpret, describe and communicate ideas. It requires a person to work steadily and value the results. All these skills must be nurtured and developed in the DEILAB program.

DEILAB’s curriculum is based on mechanical, artistic, architectural design and engineering projects.

There are four types of DEILAB school Laboratories:

  • After school Labs
  • Winter and Spring Break Labs
  • Professional Development Labs
  • Special Event Labs - Family Builds, Birthday's, 1-day Workshops